Preparing for a client meeting

Walk the Talk

The key to creating valuable conversations is creating and maintaining a level of trust. Here’s how to do it.

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iPhone user scrolling social media

Keep it Real on Social Media

Paid ads and promoted posts are valuable tools, and we employ them, but tell our clients up front that we emphasize organic engagement. There’s a reason they call it “social” media.

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screen shot of a new website

Who is Your Website FOR?

We want people to find your website and we want Google and all of those other web tools to help them do so. But we design for you and your clients first.

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Flaming the Fans

No matter your business, there’s an outlet somewhere that will allow people to vent, and they’re increasingly anxious to do so. What do you do when someone flames you in a review or comment?

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I4G article

Using the Internet to Support Small Businesses

If you’re a small mom & pop, brick & mortar business, exploring the opportunities of digital marketing can mean the difference between success and failure. Our friends at Alliance Group introduced us to a project and asked if we would tell our story.

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Rocket Pop

We’re Old Enough to Drink

At a time when technology-based companies seem to come and go like a neap tide in a coastal backwater, we’re celebrating a pretty significant milestone: Rocket Pop was founded 21 years ago.

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