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Want a Little Influence?

How do you find an influencer? They can help you connect with your audience in fresh ways. Here’s a guide.

It’s hard to tell what makes something go viral.

In 2020, a day-laborer named Nathan Apodaca posted a TikTok video of himself, surfing a skateboard down a roadway on a sunlit afternoon, chugging a bottle of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice. He set the background music to “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac.

Within a few days, his video had racked up over 93 million views. Contacted by a local news outlet, he said, “It was a nice day. My truck broke down, so I was just skating…”

“Dreams” saw a massive spike on Spotify and in downloads in the iTunes store. Ocean Spray saw a bump in their sales. So much so that they gifted him a cranberry-red truck to replace his clunker.

A few years earlier, Selena Gomez, who at the time had 144 million Instagram followers, posted a few images of herself clothed head-to-toe in Puma gear. While she turned out to be a paid influencer, her post generated 4.8 million likes and over 54,000 comments. Puma saw enough sales revenue to donate a huge chunk of money to a charity Gomez supported.

So, how do you get that sort of exposure and how do you find an influencer? They can be your best friend in digital marketing. They can help you connect with your audience in fresh, exciting ways. Here’s a guide for how to make the most of these partnerships:

Find Your Perfect Match

Seek out influencers who vibe with your brand.

A Za Friday graphic
We used this graphic on Instagram to partner with Urban Field Pizza for a Za Friday post.

We helped Mulay’s Sausage team up with foodies to promote “Za Fridays,” with different restaurants and home chefs posting images of their pies made with Mulay’s allergen-free products.

For K2 Awards, a Richmond-based trophy shop, we helped them team up with Chris Matthews – a nationally known NBA shooting coach – to provide trophies for his local “Lethal Shooter Challenge.”

Make It Personal

Treat influencers like friends, not just business partners. Consider surprising them with a gift from your latest collection, or send them a sample of a new product. Building real connections makes for better collaborations.

Create Win-Win Collabs

Make sure both you and the influencer benefit from the partnership. Offer them cool perks like free products or custom pieces from your collection!

player accepting a trophy
K2 provided dozens of trophies for the Lethal Shooter tournament.

Let Creativity Shine

Give influencers the freedom to showcase your brand in their unique style. Whether it’s a static post on their feed, a quirky Instagram story or an upbeat TikTok, their authentic voice will resonate with their followers.

Play on the Right Platforms

Choose the best social media platforms for your goals. Instagram and TikTok are perfect for eye-catching visuals. Don’t forget those hashtags and tag your partners!

Keep Score

Track your campaign’s performance with likes, shares, and sales metrics. This helps you see what’s working and enable you to tweak your strategy for even better results next time.

Join the Conversation

Influencer campaigns can create buzz around your brand. Jump into the conversation by responding to comments and questions, as well as following new supporters. This helps build a loyal community and keeps the excitement going.

Working with influencers can be a game-changer for your brand. By finding the right partners, building genuine relationships, and embracing creativity, you can create fun and effective marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience. Are you ready to let the influencer fun begin?

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