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Your business is built upon a unique group of individuals. Your organization is driven by your mission, and the things that brought you to where you are today. We like to dive deep, learn your language, and tell your story to anyone who will listen, using whatever tools we can muster. From simple print brochures to engaging websites to clever marketing events, we find the tip of the wave to get you where you need to go. But to catch a wave, you have to be ahead of it.

We like catching waves.

Our clients stay for the long haul. It’s easy to throw up a website and walk away. Anyone with an internet connection can post a Tweet. We like to work hand-in-hand with our clients and vendors to make certain that what they’ve dreamt of is what’s produced, be it a website, a promotional video, or the grand marquee at their entrance. They turn the key, and we’re there to make certain their sports car is ready to rev.

We’ve worked with local and regional clients, mom & pop stores, and brands with a global reach. With a rowdy band of talented folks with an array of disciplines, we’ve established a reputation as a boutique agency that can shift with trends, engage customers, and be agile enough to meet emerging needs – often at the drop of a hat. That may mean a brand-new logo or a neighborhood event. We use all of our tools – and invent some along the way – to build your community.


When you go to a car dealership and see a shiny sports car, the salesman says, “You’re going to look good in that.” You want to know that it has a twin turbo and 300 foot-pounds of torque, that it takes a certain tire pressure and likes premium gasoline, but you also know you need to drive it.

We have the mechanics and tuners to make that engine hum, but we’re impatient by nature. We want you – and more importantly your customers – to put the top down and go.


When you make the right choice in Rocket Pop, we start with the Brain Dump. We want to know everything. What was your first car? What’s your favorite color? Why did you decide to do this? We’re going to learn everything there is to know about your organization. We’re going to examine who in the market is doing it well and who among your peers is still struggling with a flip phone.

Then the fun starts.

We begin looking at colors and fonts, and creating that common language through words and images that will resonate with your audience. Our folks have a long pedigree in retail and restaurants and customer service, so talking the talk comes easy for us. We can spout off about bodacious BBQ one day and the latest breakthroughs in biotechnology the next. We geek out on the psychology of why people buy things, and like to work that magic.

Once we’ve had your approval and assembled the engine, we sit back and let that motor purr. We revel in its throaty roar. Like all finely-tuned machines, however, it needs to be maintained. So we tweak and wrench and test and review, because getting your story out there is not a game of perfect. We match your web presence to your social media campaigns. We pair your mission statement to engaging video that puts a face to your suite of services. We marry your brand to unique events to bring your neighborhood into the fold.

We unleash the hounds of designers, developers, photographers, video junkies, content creators and copywriters to make certain that your story is told the right way. It’s great to have a ton of fans and followers. But we like to see customers get in the game, and using this magic to create that engagement is like catching our perfect wave.


• Research & Insights
• Strategic Marketing Plans
• Stakeholder Creative Brief
• Market Research
• User Journey Mapping
• Content Planning
• Social Media Strategy
• Monthly Analytics Reporting


• Graphic Design
• Brand & Logo Development
• Mobile-First Website Design
• Photography
• Videography
• User Experience (UI & UX)
• Signage
• Illustration & Motion Graphics
• Infographics
• Matterport 3D Tours


• Responsive Web Development
• System Architecture
• eCommerce
• Organic SEO
• Data Security & Hosting
• CMS Integration
• 3rd Party Integration
• API Implementation


• Social Media Management
• Blogging & Content Creation
• Social Media Marketing
• Influencer Marketing
• Print Collateral
• Paid Search Marketing
• Google Ads
• Email Marketing
• Event Facilitation
• Reputation Management


You can get a degree in marketing or design. Some of our folks have done just that. But we’ve also lived in the world of retail, and toiled in the service industry, and played to the masses as musicians and promoters. We’ve lived your life. Our team is also impatient by nature, and we get our kicks by pushing the psychological buttons of why people buy and engage. It’s fine and good to get 10,000 likes on social media. You need people to like and trust your brand. We can make it happen, and you’ll get a kick out of that. Meet the gang.


    Co-founder and Big Boss. Easily distracted by cool guitars and dark liquids.


    Co-founder and Bigger Boss. Maker of Pot Pies and scheduler of trains.


    Art Director, and designer of pretty things. Has better tattoos than you.


    Design and code maker. Also famous for backyard pizzas and hand-rolled pastas.


    Creative Director, Photographer, and Videographer. Collector of loud instruments and things with tubes.

  • Zoe James

    Graphic Designer, Brand Strategist, and chunky shoe wearer. Probably wants drunken noodles (with tofu).


    Strategist and Content Monkey. He generally has a good point, but doesn’t know it yet.

    Graphic Designer & Brand Strategist with a green thumb. Most likely listening to a true crime podcast or craving a lavendar latte.

    Graphic Designer, Brand Strategist and frozen margarita lover. Is probably scream-singing Taylor Swift, and over-watering her plants.