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It isn’t any secret to anyone that the past 18 months or so have been painful for everyone. Our team, however, is busier than ever...and growing.

It isn’t a secret to anyone that the past 18 months or so have been painful for everyone. But businesses have moved forward, and now more than ever, your digital presence is an integral part of your marketing and customer service.

We’re no different. We’ve spent a good deal of time working from home, and it’s been a hot minute since a company Happy Hour. Our team, however, is busier than ever…and growing.

If you’ve worked with us, you know that everyone at Rocket Pop wears a couple of hats. You may see some of our video work and recognize the voice of Scott or Cara Dickens in the voiceover. Our copy monkey, Chris Crews, leverages his lack of technical skills to be the test pilot for new website user experiences, making certain that your customers can quickly find what they need.

zach headshotZach Wish, who is (among other things) an incredibly talented photographer, always goes above and beyond the call of duty, spear-heading initiatives in managing ad campaigns, social media marketing, and shooting critical video content.  Those leadership skills have been recognized formally, earning him the promotion to Creative Director. He’s been a whiz at project management, and will now help to helm our creative team at Rocket Pop. He’ll build on his existing client relationships and be a liaison between the team and clients. He’s also a great mentor and sounding board for all of us.

Zach, by the way, has a banging YouTube channel where he demos guitars, amps and effects. You should check it out.

emily headshot

Emily Frontz, wearer of tattoos and designer of cool jewelry, has been churning out fantastic designs since we brought her on board four years ago. Since that time she has constantly excelled and has grown to be much more than a graphic designer. She also develops sites, designs and oversees email marketing campaigns for clients, and produces more branding designs than any of us can name. In recognition of her talent and guidance as a natural leader within the design team, she has earned the promotion to our new Art Director. We each contribute to the designs for websites, business collateral, social media graphics, and email campaigns for our clients, and Emily will now oversee those efforts. We’re certain that her critical eye will continue to raise our design game.

Chrissy Garrett photo

New to the team is Chrissy Garrett, our new Graphic Designer & Brand Strategist. After graduating from James Madison, Chrissy started a career in design and marketing. When we were looking to beef up our team, her portfolio jumped out at us. After long, grueling Zoom interviews, our team was unanimous in pulling Chrissy out of the crowd of talented candidates, and we’re already blown away. She’ll help us to create brand guidelines for clients, design brand collateral and digital content, and be our point person for coordinating with our print vendors.

Welcome aboard, Chrissy!

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