Integral Systems

Planet Integral Systems
Integral Systems provides data and information delivery solutions to the satellite communications industry for private, military, government, and aerospace customers.
Mission:Make A Complex Message Easy
Having trouble competing in industry trade shows with their giant competitors (like Northrop-Grumman and Boeing), Integral Systems wanted to convey their message without needing to hear a complicated pitch. The largest contactors in the satellite industry traditionally presented epic videos with complicated narratives, each trying to “out-tech” each other. Not our style.
We created a playful, retro-themed motion graphic video that told the story of Integral Systems and took cutting edge technology from 10,000 feet to ground level in 3 minutes.
Don't Take It From Us
"Rocket Pop Media was able to creatively communicate a relatively "Tech" subject with consumer-friendly video and animation. This solution was great for the trade show environment. It's hard to talk to everyone at your booth, and most videos by our competitors were strictly high-tech, military and space video. All of them were interchangeable if you couldn't hear them. Our video was easily taken in, even ENTERTAINING for people at these really dry shows. It was a home run!" - Ernie Dickens