A few months back Rocket Pop Media was invited to attend Harvie Elementary School’s Career Day.  Unlike most career days that invite an array of employed individuals from all types of occupations, this career day was specific for “careers in technology.”

Monday, June 10th, arrived and the pressure was on…

The trick?  Trying to explain a boutique, media production agency that completes a slew of projects, ranging from website development, graphic design and video production, to marketing, social media and project management to an elementary-aged group of about 20.  Also, trying to squeeze in what it’s like working for entrepreneurs, while explaining that you can own your own business.  On top of that, breaking down the process of taking a website idea from a drawing, to a navigable online site, with code speak slipped in the mix (Alyssa definitely had to take that one…). Oh yeah, and we had 5 minutes to execute this.  Repeat the 5-minute explanation 60 times and voilà—Career Day is made!

It was a different Monday morning than we are used to, but it was ultimately rewarding and a lot of fun to try and explain our careers, robots, new media, and technology to students.  Although they might not remember some of our subliminal buzzwords like scalability, HTML, value proposition, social sharing, or synergy, they will remember two things – we brought robots and let them play with an iPad. Winning!

These are some of the day’s highlights:

CD1Alyssa and me introducing Rocket Pop by asking the children to share some of their favorite websites, as well as what they like to do online.  Some of our favorite answers:

Disney Channel Site – Most reasonable answer
Homework help – Most educational answer
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & YouTube – Most questionable answers
GAMES!!!! – Most popular answer
SpongeBob – Most misunderstood answer 





Favorite question asked:

“Why all the robots and rocket ships?  Do you guys think of the future?”

This was definitely my favorite question of the day!  Too bad it was asked near the end of the morning, so I couldn’t steal the student’s brilliant idea and use it for the remainder of the presentations.

My response:

“Exactly! It’s part of Rocket Pop’s job to understand “new” technology, like an iPhone app, and how it works.  We have to be able to predict the future so that we can help our clients.  We like to use robots and rocket ships so that people know that we’re fun and playful, but we’re always thinking ahead!”



Lesson of the day:

When in doubt, whip the iPad out!  This was our number-one tool.  We were able to pull up our websites and show the kids various kinds of our work, which was much more visually interesting than just our voices.  And we quickly learned that children LOVE to touch screens.  We let everyone have a turn playing, as long as they followed Mrs. Alyssa’s rules and their bottoms were on the floor.






Many thanks to Jessie Hicks for the invitation, taking pictures of the day, and of course for our adorable Thank You Certification, which is currently being framed for Alyssa’s and my desk’s time-share.