The most recent way I get my Twitter fix? Following trending #hashtags. Definitely an entertaining way to amuse yourself during those 15 minutes of questionable productivity during your workday. When I first started exploring Twitter (pre-addict status) I barely understood the concept of a #hashtag. Flash-forward. Now I can’t seem to stop following them, creating my own, or tagging onto others. #WhatIsWrongWithMe?

#SpeakingOfHashtags, I came across this BuzzFeed article that posed the question: What kind of #hashtagger are you? The article advanced by breaking #hashtaggers into 10 categories that are common amongst heavy taggers: #originalists, #fans, #activists, #promoters, #celebrities, #narcissists, #trendsters, #humorists, #trolls, and #monologists. Unfortunately, us late bloomers cannot be considered #originalists since it’s been 5 years since Chris Messina staked his virtual claim and unfurled his ingenious idea to represent groups. #ThisGotMeThinking, what kind of #hashtagger am I?

Through my self journey to self-discovery, I realized that most of my #hashtagging is based on what’s actually going on around me. #SoThenIThought this might be a common trend among other local lovers of tagging. So I’ve come up with a list of common trends that Richmonders are #hashtagging.

What kind of River City #hashtagger are you?

#Festys. Geez, it’s pretty safe to say that Richmond isn’t not lacking in the festival throwing department. Every weekend there is a food (#HogtoberFest), music (#RVAFolkFest), or art festival (#RVAStreetArt), that needs exploring. And while you’re there, why not check-in by throwing up a quick pound sign to let the Twitter world know your whereabouts, evoke envy amongst the unattendees, all while encouraging others to join.

#Location. Where in the world are you in Richmond this weekend? Getting down in #ShockoeBottom? Exploring art in #TheFan? Searching for Patrick Henry facts in #ChurchHill? Or taking in some vitamin D on the #JamesRiver?

#Foodies. In case you’ve missed it, the Richmond restaurant scene is booming. Good eats are popping up all over the area and how do you spread the word about an unbelievable dining experience? With #RVAdine, of course! Example: Just ate at @themagpierva, it was #OutOfThisWorld #RVAdine. (Small plug never hurt anyone, right?)

#Music. No shocker here that music is one of Richmond’s thriving aspects. After all we are more musically influential than New York. To stay on top of the all things music simply follow #RVAMusic to educate yourself on fresh local sounds and upcoming shows.

#Voting. One of our greatest privileges and something Richmond Tweeters have realized yields excellent results when executed via a social platform. Both @StyleWeekly and @Richmonddotcom took to Twitter for their #BestOfRichmond and #RVABesties awards to crowdsource voting amongst vocal patrons.

#Controversy. If you missed @BlowToadRVA’s #BallsGate debate, you missed out! Well, not really, since I’m about to tell you about it. (And you can read it here.) A local diner went out for pizza at the newly opened Blow Toad, in Carytown. To her surprise the Bleu Ball pizza listed on the menu was quite the double entendre and she did not find it too punny that she unknowingly consumed bull testicles. A week-plus-long Twitter discloser discussion ensued thereafter.

#NightLifeCatchUp. In desperate need to see the photos of last weekend’s bar crawl? Cause let’s face it, your camera got little, to no, action once the spirits started pouring. Following #NLVA will help you fill in the gap of your speckled memories, catch up on what you missed out on, and let you know what’s not to be missed next weekend.

#HipsterVenting. Did your political debate turn sour when your afternoon cappuccino burnt the roof of your mouth and singed your perfectly groomed whiskers? Sounds like a #RVAHipsterProblem. Just in case you weren’t aware, but Richmond won the title of next hipster city! (Yes, there was actually a contest.) The popular #hashtag is a favorite way for natives to discuss Pabst Blue Ribbon, TOMs tans, moustaches, and irony.

#HolyGrail. If you’re tagging with #RVA then you are using the ultimate Richmond centric tag. #RVA is used for anything and everything in the city as a catchall for current events, resident deals and personal rants.

And there you have it, #RVA’s best of #hashtags. Find any more? Send them my way (@tigerlilyjuju). I’m always looking for a good trending topic so I can add my two cents.