We’re growing again at Rocket Pop Media!  Our Monday morning strategy session takes place at an antique dining table in the middle of our office and it’s quickly getting too crowded for our band of designers, developers, bloggers, programmers, video editors, and media strategy pirates.

Alyssa Chang came to us from the DC area but moved to Richmond to attend VCU.  She developed her interest in web design at the age of 12 when her mom prompted her to enter a web design contest.  As a junior at Lake Braddock Secondary School she designed a logo for the sports department that is in use to this day!

She graduated from VCU in 2010 with a BFA in Graphic Design, and broke up her studies with a 4-year run as a VCU Gold Rush Dancer.  She was also a cheerleader for the Richmond Raiders.  She still likes to teach the occasional dance class, and is a cupcake baker of local acclaim.

Jessica Erwin is a Lynchburg native who graduated from Mary Baldwin College (one of the oldest all-female institutions in the South).  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Mary Baldwin counts Tallulah Bankhead and Jessica Erwin in their list of notable alumni.  But we wander.

While studying as a Mary Baldwin Squirrel, Jessica focused on Communication with an emphasis on photography, graphic design, and film production.  That led to a stint with Richmond’s ABC affiliate, WRIC Channel 8.  After satisfying her inner news geek by doing everything from running cameras, to adjusting lighting, to stroking the talent, Jessica landed with us.

When not operating as a “Jill-of-all-trades” here at Rocket Pop, Jessica reflects on her experiences in the hospitality industry by expanding her knowledge of craft beers.

It was a dark and stormy night in 1984.  Mother Waddelove felt the first pangs of labor, never expecting the joy that would become Anna.

Anna Waddelove graduated with a BA in Photography and Digital Media in 2006 from the prestigious Cambridge School of Art and Design (pretty fancy!).  Still a traveler, she has lived in Rome and Bologna in Italy, and recently returned from a visit to Wales.  Her first stint out of college was in Washington, D.C. at The National Geographic Society.  There, she was a researcher for their amazing Image Collection, a resource of photos and artwork spanning original Autochromes, the Alexander Graham Bell Collection, and the most recent images from their Stratosphere Collection.

Anna’s freelance work, both as a writer and a photographer, took her from D.C. to New York, and finally brought her to us here in Richmond, where she has managed to remain for the past year.  Aside from her disdain for Dallas Cowboys fans and a deep addiction to Diet Coke, we think that we’ll keep her. Anna is a New Media Strategist and photographer for us, but stays true to her love of the image with this website.

A budding photo-journalist and unlikely Steeler’s fan, Elise Chretien, New Media Strategist, comes to us from the mountains of Blacksburg.  A Mass Communications graduate from Hokie U, She went on to receive her Masters in Multimedia Journalism at VCU, and it’s here in the flatlands of Richmond that she’s stayed.

Elise has translated her love of all things football, an eye for promotion, and an urge to travel, into an interesting blog in her spare time (note to boss:  More projects for Elise).  When not at Rocket Pop or screaming at televisions at Home Team Grill, she can be found wandering the streets of Richmond with her dog, Reeses.