In-flight entertainment sucks at best.  I’ve always thought it a stretch to call it “entertainment.”  Have no fear, Apple and a company called Bluebox are on the case!

Soon enough we could all be tapping away our flight time with an iPad for entertainment, courtesy of the AIRLINE.  Seriously. How much  better would the whole “travel” experience be if more airlines started offering this as an option?  In fact, it could help turn the air travel industry around.  Well, maybe not, but it would certainly be a good perk in a world of paying for carry-ons, no in-flight meals (not even those salty peanuts, much less the dry turkey sandwich in plastic wrap), and extensive security waits.  I know I would rather fly knowing an iPad was waiting for me.  I saw this on originally, and the details are on Bluebox Avionics’ website where the company goes on to say:  “It leverages the power, flexibility and quality of the most advanced consumer device ever produced.

I must admit, I own an iPad and look forward to using it the next time I have to travel.  But for those who don’t already own one, this could be a deal-changer.  The idea that flight attendants could simply pass out iPads so that passengers can stream movies, music, games, and flight information, along with exploring 200,000 other applications, is certainly a bonus.  Imagine the saved weight and cost of all those small LCD’s built into headrests, the delivery hardware, wiring, etc – one can only imagine it being a BARGAIN in the long run.  Apple would sell more iPads, undoubtedly, and content creators will be scurrying to provide in-flight special applications, news, and movies, as well as networked games.  It would be pretty intense to race your fellow passengers in an in-flight networked game of  RealRacingHD on iPads.

According to Bluebox: “The concept is simple: consumer technology has leapfrogged the once state-of-the-art systems produced by the long-established manufacturers, and it is now mature enough to offer an IFE solution that’s more flexible, more powerful and more secure than any proprietary alternatives.”

Coming on an iPad to a flight near you, as soon as this July!