Today Foursquare made the announcement that their business pages are becoming self-serve.  So what are the advantages to creating an official presence on Foursquare?  Here are your…Top 5 Reasons to Customize Your Foursquare Business Page

  1. Play With the Big Boys  •  Instead of only large brands being able to build identities on Foursquare, now any small business may create a profile on the virtual check-in site.
  2. Build Your Brand •  Can you really put your name out there enough?  Profiles can be customized to include your brand’s banner (ie LOGO placement!), photos and inbound links to your website, Facebook, etc.  The Foursquare profile will function like a Twitter profile, gaining followers that can view your updates.
  3. Tip Generously  •  The Foursquare “Tip” function is a quick and efficient way to promote businesses, spread information about your business to new visitors, and add insight to others checking into the area for the first time. When a user checks into a nearby location, your Tip will pop up offering your special for that day, a current sale, or an upcoming event at your location. Tips are a great way to reach customers that may have otherwise walked right past your door.
  4. It’s Rewarding  •  Once you’ve gained loyal followers, you can reward them for following you by offering them Foursquare specials. For instance, offer them a 10% discount for every time they check into your location. The more people checking into your location and posting to their social media sites means more people being exposed to your brand, and therefore more followers.
  5. Be a Team Player  •  The new business pages on Foursquare allow for multiple users to administer the Foursquare account, allowing you to crowdsource a bit of the interraction by encouraging key employees (NOT just the intern!) to check in and engage to provide value to your brand.

For a walk-through on how to get your business page started, click here.

For technical support along the way, this page is helpful.

While Foursquare was built for smart-phone users, those without smart-phones can still use the service and check in from their laptops from Foursquare’s mobile page.

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