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It’s not enough to create something and set it free. Your brand is an organic, living thing. Your message needs to reflect its growth through the use of new media and old; through print or professional video, through arresting web design or interactive social media presence.We love telling your story in inventive and ingenious ways. We do this for one reason: to engage your clients as partners in the success of your business.

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  • Becci Melson

    Client Service Coordinator

    When we were first contacted by Becci, she was just hanging around. On a 5.11c rock face. By her fingertips. Worcester, Massachusetts native and rock climber Becci Melson has three documented first ascents in the lovely New River Gorge in West Virginia.

    She is somewhat a Girl Friday, but we would never say that to her face. While her Marketing Degree makes her a wonderful fit for us, and she certainly goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients, she spends her off-time rafting, trail-running, hiking, surfing, and killing bomber holds on any rock face within driving distance of Richmond.

    Becci is also an accomplished from-scratch baker, but only after a thorough scrubbing.

  • Cara Dickens

    Vice President and Producer

    As the founding Vice President and Producer, Cara keeps the trains running. A vocal advocate for local businesses, she directs content, turnkey marketing, and advertising solutions for our variety of clients.

    Cara has a strong background in sales, leadership, and team building, and has an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit. She was a founding partner in Glass & Powder Boardshop, and helped grow that startup from a single storefront to an almost $3 million business. She has been honored with the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce “Impact Award," the Watersports Industry Association "Dealer of the Year," the Small Business Administration "Entrepreneur of the Year," the Virginia Lawyer's Weekly "Influential Women of Virginia," and was named the National Association of Women Business Owners' “Rising Star."

    Prior to launching her own businesses, she supervised hiring and training at several corporate and private restaurants and studied at Florida Atlantic University and Virginia Commonwealth University.

    A talented cook and devoted mother, she shares a passion for music and “Cara Pot Pie” with her husband, Scott, and hopes to one day swap recipes with Chris Cornell.

  • Chris Crews


    After a lengthy tour managing burgers and beers, Chris left his career in hospitality to chase his dream of big words. As head copy-monkey and content manager, he creates and is editor for the various blogs, newsletters and articles produced at Rocket Pop Media.

    A former test-driver for Lawn Boy, Chris received higher education in Maryland (go Terps!) and was accepted into the prestigious Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Clown College in Winter Park, Florida.

    A mediocre bassist, average drummer, and kickin’ country & blues harmonica player, he can often be found chasing trains with his son, The Spud. He’s a tater tot.

  • Katie Adcock


    Creative? Check. Foodie? Check. Musician? Welcome aboard.

    Katie Adcock is our newest Designer and comes to us from the world-famous Virginia Commonwealth University. She is a recent graduate, with a concentration in Mass Communications and a healthy dose of Creative Advertising and Art Direction. Her initial work with us speaks volumes to a balanced diet of all three during her greater education.

    When not knocking back client comps and blogs, Katie is a frequent scavenger at local thrift stores and consignment shops, amassing the necessary decor for her little house out of the city. She also stirs her creative juices with some low-impact crochet, yoga, and fierce fiddling. As in violin. And by the way; she sings. And the tattoos? They’re for real.

  • Loren Williams

    Designer & Brand Strategist

    Hailing from the sun-washed hills and rolling pastures of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, Loren has lived in Richmond since 2008. She graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelors of Music, making her uniquely qualified for a position with Rocket Pop Media. Her first gigs were keeping things rolling backstage at such venues as The National and Innsbrook After Hours, and she managed Fridays at Sunset (until they took their spotlights and went home).

    Her love of music and motion is reflected in both her lifestyle and her design chops. She’s a lover of dance, and once graced the stage of the D.C. Salsa Congress. Cha, cha, cha. She’s an AFAA certified instructor. That’s the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, not the Automatic Fire Alarm Association, but you’ll have to tell her that. She’s a cardio gal and can outrun us all.

    A “glass-half-full” sort of person, Loren has been in marketing and design since 2009, and is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. She also loves dogs, but currently those of other people.

  • Peyton Sorah


    Peyton attended Baltimore’s Maryland Institute College of Art where she received a degree in Graphic Design. Though she initially studied painting, she quickly realized that her true passion was for the graphic arts. She came to Rocket Pop Media during her senior year as an intern, and upon graduating with her Graphic Design degree (and a full week of "Can we keep her?"), accepted a full position with us.

    Peyton keeps her feet on the ground and her hands in the soil by gardening and making her own tomato sauce, sriracha and chive blossom vinegar, and by keeping our office stocked with fresh produce. When not farming or painting she can be found scouring yard sales and thrift stores. She also has two too many cats.

  • Scott Dickens

    President & Executive Producer

    Scott started in marketing, but quickly acquired a taste for his own ventures. In addition to working with Ziff-Davis, he has launched his own companies, bands, and has won awards for his retail businesses.

    In 2001, he founded Rocket Pop Media as a vehicle for video and advertising, for his own company and other Richmond businesses. Over a decade later, the company has grown to incorporate all forms of interactive advertising, linking web, mobile apps, video, and social media campaigns for local, regional, and national clients. Video has remained a key component, but Rocket Pop Media is now much, much more…and still his baby.

    Scott is a frequently requested speaker, addressing groups about topics ranging from social media, marketing, leveraging video, to personal challenges and small businesses. He loves working with his wife, Cara, and raising his son as a “city kid”. When not at the office, he can be found roaming Richmond’s Museum District. He has an obsession for technology, social media, and Apple products, and hopes to one day play guitar for Scarlett Johansson.