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Tang & Biscuit is Richmond’s first and only shuffleboard-focused social venue. The space features 10 regulation-sized shuffleboard courts, games, televisions, an engaging outdoor play area, and an abundance of interactive games. They couple this with an enticing menu of memorable foods and unique cocktails. We designed and developed a website that matches their eclectic, whimsical flair, and showcases the playful personality of the brand. Our photography captures the atmosphere of the venue, with images of delicious food & drink interspersed with pictures of game-playing groups of people of all ages.
The concept for Tang & Biscuit starts with a playful name. A “tang” is the forked stick one uses to push a “biscuit” down a shuffleboard court, and indoor shuffleboard is indeed the centerpiece of the business. While located in a cavernous warehouse, the space is colorful and well-lit, and seems to exude activity even when empty of patrons. In addition to shuffleboard, scattered throughout Tang & Biscuit are the board and strategy games that we played as children, now super-sized to tabletop activities that encourage group participation. The original, brochure-style website conveyed none of this. We used a new website with original photography to bring Tang & Biscuit to life for the viewer, showing engaged patrons eating, drinking, playing, and most of all, having fun.


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