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rvatech was founded in 1989 as the Central Virginia High Technology Network, and as technology has evolved and rvatech’s mission has grown, so has their branding. Their mission has remained to be a member-driven organization committed to advocating and boosting Central Virginia’s dynamic technology-based economy. But much like technology has changed how we do business, rvatech has changed how they transmit their message.
Mission:Evolve to meet innovation

In 1989, people were introduced to a fledgling World Wide Web. We saw the launch of the first GPS satellite. Lucky businesses communicated via fax machine, and having a beeper clipped to your belt identified you as “tech-savvy.”

The High Technology Network became the Richmond Technology Council, which later became better known as RichTech, and now sees all of its programs and events under the umbrella of rvatech. Each step forward in evolution required us to update branding, web presence, and messaging.

The original website reflected the available technology of the times. It was visually simple, but a cluttered navigation made finding a specific event or piece of information almost impossible. Today, it relies on beautiful imagery, a simple collapsible navigation, and a “universal navigation” across the top to send viewers to the many events hosted by rvatech annually. These include their annual rvatech/gala recognizing the movers and shakers in our community, rvatch/jam which is a showcase for our startups and supporting businesses, and rvatch/women – an annual conference to boost opportunities for women in tech, but a welcome and well-spent day for any technologist. Each site, like every site Rocket Pop Media builds, is scalable to adapt easily to any device. In 1989, most web users were behind a 13-inch PC. The rvatech site recognizes that today’s users are on large Macs, phones, and tablets. The site provides the same ease-of-use whatever the platform.

The emergence of social media has intrinsically changed how people communicate, and this is certainly true among businesses and nonprofits like rvatech. Much like some people flock to Instagram or Facebook as a favored platform, technologists have their preferred medium. The message at rvatech has been tailored to adapt to those who prefer Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Not only are they forums to share valuable content, they also become the water cooler where rvatech members and others share information and news.

rvatech hosts over 60 events annually. Among them are:

rvatech/Gala – an awards banquet honoring the best and brightest of Central Virginia’s tech community.

rvatech/jam – a fun-filled event with food trucks, craft beer, and networking to link the startup community with Virginia’s larger tech players. The event ends with an annual Battle of the Geek Bands, comprised of employees of local technology-based businesses.

rvatch/women – a daylong conference highlighting innovations in technology, with a focus on opportunities for women in the STEM fields. Previous keynote speakers have included noted game designer Jane McGonigal, NFL CIO Michelle McKenna-Doyle, and HP CEO Meg Whitman.

We created original branding for each event, with an interactive website, foamcore boards for schedules and directions, visuals for use during events, and more. We’ve run sound for rvatech/jam, taken photos for the events, and have maintained active social media feeds during events, providing information in real-time. We have visited local television stations to offer a “face” to promote upcoming events, and provide a recap press release following each event, and distribute that to all relevant media outlets.

Working with rvatech has fostered a fantastic relationship with their Executive Director, Robby Demeria. As he continues to grow the organization, we often become a sounding board for his ideas, and no idea is too outlandish.

A technology/beer festival with bands? Sure.
Tweet-voting for awards? We can do it.

Robby has frequently stopped by Rocket Pop Media to brainstorm and evaluate his newest ideas, and like the evolution of technology, our relationship has evolved to meet his needs.

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