Tim Bereika

Web Designer

Meet Tim. Tim is a jack-of-all trades. After graduating from VCU with a degree in Communication, Arts & Design, Tim became the first general manager of Scott and Cara’s board shop, Glass & Powder. He then took his degree to jewelry manufacturer Hoover & Strong, where he designed ads, newsletters, and catalogs. He then moved on to Richmond’s The Martin Agency, where he worked for clients like UPS, Coca-Cola, Geico, and Nick at Night. A career change brought him to marketing and sales at Red Bull, where he developed wings. After throwing himself out of several perfectly good airplanes, he explored a passion for cooking, becoming a highly acclaimed and awarded Richmond-area chef. While his wife is a solid Yankees fan, the Boston-born and raised Tim is forever a Red Sox man. Together, they brought into the world their son, AJ. AJ calls Tim “Big Papi.” Tim is once again embracing graphic design and art, helping our clients create engaging and entertaining visuals and advertising products. And he occasionally still cooks – for us. We like Tim.