Emily Frontz Poster

Emily Frontz is a Graphic Designer and Brand Strategist. She’s our resident expert on Pinup Girls, and has a purse shaped like an old-fashioned rotary phone that actually makes phone calls. The images here are from her personal portfolio of event posters she designed.

I have long thought my passion was simply the act of creating, of making pretty pictures and showing off what I personally consider to be fabulous taste. While I’m still confident in my style and opinions, over my 10+ years in graphic design it’s become apparent my real drive is bringing the passions of others to life. The way my client’s perspectives can challenge me is the best part of what I do.

Great design, great art, great music… it’s all about evolving. I’ve long believed that if you think what you do is perfect, it’s probably not. Sorry about it. The only way to truly stifle creativity is to plateau. This isn’t to say I second guess my abilities or to suggest anyone not believe in their work, but that it should be an overgrowing monster. Always changing, always expanding. There are bigger and better designs to strive towards and that thought really keeps my head in the game.

My inspiration and drive come from many sources, but a big one is the need to fulfill my client’s needs. Is it stressful when I’m presented with some real left field requests? Big time. I’ll usually complain (sometimes a lot) and pull my hair out, but by the end of it I’m always left with pieces that I’m excited by because I let my fears propel me into uncharted territory. Because of the diverse array of clients I work with, every day is a test in a new way of thinking. One day could be about baseball and non-profit event marketing while the next is rebranding a construction company. Honestly, I couldn’t limit myself if I tried.

Making myself proud, making a client feel something, and delivering a product that can reinvigorate their love for what they do… that’s what it’s all about for me. Is it all really just the smug satisfaction of charging through a challenge victorious and praised?

Well, I sure don’t hate it.

Emily Frontz Poster 2