Rocket Pop Media has recently partnered with Peak Experiences Climbing Gym to oversee their growth to a new facility, Peak RVA. We’ve seen first-hand how this organization motivates and inspires kids and adults alike and we couldn’t be more STOKED to be involved!

When we start with a new client, we do a ton of due diligence, market analysis, etc. How does Rocket Pop Media personify Richmond’s favorite climbing gym and their voice in all of our marketing efforts? We saturate ourselves with the brand to absorb their positive, infectious culture. How do we do that? FIELD TRIP!!!!!


Reflections of Our Day at Peak

The girls of Rocket Pop preparing to climb.



“The staff at Peak creates an engaging and safe atmosphere. There was a lot of laughter, camaraderie, and fun. My only complaint is that time went too fast!”  – Amy Tolley



Zach scales the wall.



“I had an absolute blast at Peak Experiences with the Rocket Pop crew. An extra special thanks to Meme for teaching me so much and instilling confidence right off the bat. I’m hooked on climbing and can’t wait for the RVA location to open up shop.” – Zach Wish





Ellen learns bouldering



“Peak was a day unlike any other I have had at Rocket Pop – a day of team building and personal achievement. Plus the obvious horrifying risk of being hoisted into the air 30 feet and then being expected to “let go” of the wall and put your life in the hands of a perfect stranger (just kidding Meme, you were a great instructor and thank you)! It was a great experience!” – Ellen Harmer





Tim Bereika making his way up the wall.




“There’s so much more to Peak Experiences than just strapping on a harness and climbing a wall. The encouragement I was provided gave me the confidence to challenge my abilities and succeed at tackling obstacles I never thought possible.” – Tim Bereika





Mallory descending from her climb



“It was cool having a chance to be silly and more active with each other. The experience helped me think of new ways to approach challenges that may be a little (or a lot) scary…and then to conquer those challenges.” – Mallory Bracken







Caroline shows her discovery of bouldering



“Peak Experiences was the best way to spend a Friday afternoon with Rocket Pop! We all pushed our boundaries, broke a sweat, and learned that we could all do more than we expected!” – Caroline Onder






Peak RVA…Coming Soon!

The new  RVA facility in the city features a 21,000 square foot climbing center, and will be located in the Sports Center of Richmond’s (SCOR) sports complex. This gym will feature 15,000+ square feet of climbing terrain, with over 5,000 square feet of bouldering.  The new location also includes a lead climbing specific area, and a separate group event space. Peak RVA will have state-of-the-art fitness equipment, a dedicated yoga studio, a full retail shop, and more when it opens in January 2018.

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The Rocket Pop Crew Climbs at Peak

Cara climbing to new heights

Cara reaches the top

Cara and Tim with Tobin from Peak RVA

Cara Dickens stretching for the next foot hold

Zach Wish solving a climbing challenge

The team learning to rely on each other

Mallory Bracken learns to boulder

The climbing walls from a distance reveal their height.