For the past several years, our own Lloyd Young has volunteered as an organizer for TEDxRVA. When she came to Rocket Pop Media, she brought that relationship with her. As she began to describe the planning and execution of the event, we realized that she was going to need some help, and more than our team could fully provide. So we decided to find a capable intern to be solely focused on TEDxRVA. After several interviews, we found Ellen Harmer from VCU. She was bright, energetic, and seemed excited at the prospect of joining our team for this project. Here’s what she said:

“Four months ago when I started my internship with Rocket Pop Media, I seriously had no idea what to expect. I know that some people complain about their internships not being a rewarding experience for them, because they are just asked to do the mundane grunt work that no one else in the office is interested in doing. So being the slight cynic that I am, I expected that kind of experience. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the whole Rocket Pop team really did value my opinion and legitimately needed my help on planning and marketing TEDxRVA.

On the first day of my internship I was given my very own Rocket Pop Media email address. This may not seem like a big deal to most people, but I just thought it was the most fantastic thing that could have happened. I immediately started sending emails out to TEDxRVA team members on my Rocket Pop email account thinking to myself, “I made it.” It’s the little things, afterall.

Each day of this internship has been a little different from the rest – little hiccups along the way that make every hour a new surprise. Mistakes were made (…by me) and I learned how to deal with unexpected problems effectively. I am increasingly getting the feeling that mistakes are not the end of the world … even when you accidentally submit to multiple RVA calendar websites that TEDxRVA is a free event, when tickets actually cost $50. But hey, mistakes happen!

But seriously, this internship has been an incredible learning experience for me and the people I have worked with have been great. Each person is an expert in a slightly different area and are always ready to help each other out with any problems anyone has. It’s been a great team to be around.”

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While born and raised in Richmond, designer and brand strategist Lloyd Young traveled to Olympia, Washington’s Evergreen State College for a photography degree. After working professionally in New York, she returned to Richmond, attended graduate school at VCU for interior architecture, and then had her “ah-ha” moment. It was the images and branding that moved her – not always the process. Over a few years of freelance work, she connected with several Fortune 500 companies through projects with The Mom Complex and Richmond’s Martin Agency. To keep fresh, she designs a logo a day (check out her instagram, @logoperday). She’s a parent to Paco, a loving pit bull mix, a friend to all whales, and sworn enemy to all jellyfish. And, yes, Lloyd is a girl’s name.
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