Rocket Pop Media Holiday Open House Crowd

On Thursday, December 10th, we were pleased to host an informal Rocket Pop Media gathering for our clients, neighbors, and friends. It was interesting to introduce nonprofit executives to small business owners, educators to board members, and old friends to new ones. We had received over 150 RSVPs, and for the better part of four hours, it seemed as if all of them stayed true to their word and visited. It’s interesting how many of them had crossed from neighbor to client to friend over the years.

We kept things light with cases upon cases of good, Virginia craft beer and a healthy assortment of tasty wines, and folks noshed from an incredible spread provided by the ever-wonderful Rick Lyons of Lunch|Supper. Wings, meats, cheeses and more were enjoyed by all.

As is typical of any Rocket Pop gathering, we found ourselves surrounded by musicians, and it was great to reflect on Richmond’s impressive music history. It wasn’t all shop talk, and the conversation lasted until well after midnight as the last stragglers said good night. It was just a great get-together.

Many thanks to all who visited, and a wonderful holiday from your friends at Rocket Pop Media.

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