Rocket Pop Media

We have a new intern here at Rocket Pop Media.  They’re fun – like puppies.  We have them too, but they’re getting a bit big for the office. 

In the time that I’ve been here, we’ve hosted a number of young folks with dreams of entering our world.  Some have been high school kids getting their first taste of work life.  Some have been in college, and searching for their true calling.  Some have been recent graduates, and an internship for them was a bit of testing the waters.  Some, like Peyton, dug it, stuck on us, and have become valuable members of our team. 

There’s some cool stuff that comes with hosting an intern.  We feel like we’re doing our part to prepare our future workforce.  We’re proud to share our knowledge of the secret workings of the vast interwebs.  And sometimes we surprise ourselves with the breadth of our skill set.  We had no idea what we knew.

Our latest is young Jay Laiche.  He’s a junior at Virginia Tech, which made him a shoo-in in Scott’s eyes.  Jay is pretty well-rounded, and is planning on graduating early next fall.


My First Day at Rocket Pop Media

BackupBuddy troubleshooting, AJAX, PHP, Rackspace hosting and dev servers, Lee’s Chicken…

These are just a few of the things I got into on my first day here at Rocket Pop Media.

My name is Jay Laiche, an RVA native and current junior at Virginia Tech.  I’ve been studying Professional Writing and Communications my past few years in Blacksburg, but began teaching myself some advanced web development after a couple of introduction classes at school.  Well, what I thought was advanced.  After my first day here at Rocket Pop Media, I have found that I have much, much to learn.

I came to Rocket Pop because I wanted to increase my skills as a web designer & developer while working in a creative, modern environment.  With a team of copywriters, designers, developers and account managers, Rocket Pop Media has much to teach a young apprentice like myself.  I would love to eventually go into work in the advertising industry with a focus in the digital sphere, and working at a place like RPM will undoubtedly lay down the foundations of creative branding that is crucial in today’s market.

I came into work today with a basic web development knowledge.  I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, and a little WordPress PHP.  I have already been introduced to a ton of concepts in just a few short hours here, and they are way past my current knowledge: things like AJAX, navigating Rackspace servers on the terminal, creating websites from comps, and more.  Today has pretty much been a day of mass absorption: the current developer, “Murph”, has been showing me the ropes as I stare into his computer screen.  It’s been a lot to stomach in just one day, but Murph has been a real help and is leading me down the right direction. Everyone else here seems incredibly talented and creative, and on top of that they are all super-nice.

Despite the fact that I came here to gain experience as a web developer, I plan to learn much more than that.  With RPM handling a wide array of clients, I hope to gain a feel for creating brand identity, as well as gaining the knowledge to work with professional clients.  I also hope to gain an overall idea of the design process for a website (or any digital ad work) from start to finish.  Being able to see and understand the entire process will give me not only the inside look into how a client’s needs are handled, but also the experience of working in a collaborative, team-oriented environment.  As I’ve learned today at RPM, so many different people and components go into making a website (or any online presence for that matter.)  Being able to work as a team with other writers, designers and developers is extremely important when going forward into the world of digital marketing.

I think by the end of this summer, I will have increased my brain size substantially with all the various things I will learn here.  While my concentration is to develop my website architecture skills, I hope to do some work in design, writing copy, and maybe even client management work.  I think a summer at RPM is going to be a great chance to enchance both technical and professional skills, all while working at an awesome, creative place in beautiful downtown RVA.  I’m extremely, extremely excited for this summer and can’t wait to see where I’ll be in a few months.