If you keep up with Rocket Pop on Facebook (and I’ll be honest, it will hurt my feelings if you don’t. I do the majority of those posts), then you know we are big fans of a good infographic. Daily Infographic is an addiction – the good kind. A good infographic is always interesting, and can also be funny, surprising, shocking, revealing, or scary – sometimes all at the same time. And sometimes, they can be downright useful.

This is one that falls in that useful category. The good folks at TentSocial have come up with a whopper of an infographic that I’m ready to declare is a public service to the entire social media industry. Appropriately, they dubbed it “THE RIDICULOUSLY EXHAUSTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA DIMENSIONS BLUEPRINT .” This absolutely massive infographic provides a reference of every size dimension of…everything (on social). Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram are all covered – every box, post, photo, and more has their dimensions layed out. If you do any work with these social platforms like we do, you are FOREVER looking up this info. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve looked up the size of Facebook’s cover photos – no matter how many times I’ve read it’s 851 x 315, I always have to make sure. The same goes for Twitter backgrounds and headers.

The thing is, this goliath checks in at 9487 pixels. It’s a fantastic reference, but it can be hard to zoom in and navigate to the one bit you need. So for convenience’s sake, I cut it down into the separate platforms – and I thought I’d pay it forward to all you fine people to use as well. Without further ado, here are the element dimensions of every major social platform. Click ’em to get the full size.

Facebook                Twitter                                           Google+

SocialSizes_Facebook             SocialSizes_Twitter               SocialSizes_Google

Pinterest                                                        Instagram

SocialSizes_Pinterest                     SocialSizes_Instagram



Thanks again to TentSocial and CuriousInk for putting this together. I know I’ll be using it frequently.