Quick, what screen resolution should we target when we design for you? You don’t know? Are you using an analytics tool like Google Analytics? I hear you, you’re not into tracking drop-off rates, conversion rates, or traffic sources. You should be, by the way (we can help with that, too).

Beyond all that helpful data about the content of your page, Google Analytics provides powerful information about how your customers access your site. Are they on mobile devices? Macs? Windows? What is their screen resolution? What browser are they using?

Wait, wait, wait, I hear you saying. You don’t care about any of that. You want a nice-looking site that tells the world what you offer. Well, we work with you to provide just that. However, as a developer, the more I know about your audience the better experience I can create for them.

Are your site’s visitors big users of Internet Explorer? Are they still using version 8? That version of Internet Explorer was released in 2009. (By contrast, Firefox’s most recent version was released in January of 2013.) Because of its age, IE 8 is missing many features we would typically use in building your site.

When a large segment of your audience is using IE8, why design and develop a site making extensive use of advanced features like CSS3 animations? Your visitors will appreciate an experience that is built for their browser’s capabilities rather than a last-minute attempt to strip away features or awkward attempts to force a square into a circle.

Do you have a lot of customers on an iPad or other tablet? Are you a retail outlet? We’ll make use of features like GPS to offer customized directions from their location to yours. We will design and build an interface more conducive to touch than cursors (larger buttons, for example).

Now, the bigger your budget the more specific we can get. Are visitors using an iPhone dropping off after the home page? We can find out, redesign the front page experience for those on smaller devices and see if the drop off rate improves. Are IE users skipping that call to action in larger numbers than other browsers? Let us take a look, perhaps their experience can be better optimized and boost that conversion rate.

It can be tough to get a good handle on your data. We work hand-in-hand with you to improve your return on investment by optimizing your site to your audience.