Throughout the reaches of the world, men and women alike nurture the need to groom. As human beings we strive to create a unique sense of individualism, often this is achieved through fashion. I ask you all, what is more fashionable than swaths of beards?

Historically facial hair has been a silent symbol of prowess and a means of communicating with your brethren. Men pride themselves on having the most flourishing of beards. In modern times, men grow their beards in a phenomenon known as Movember as a way of flexing their testosterone levels, a jovial time, or frankly warmth (winter IS coming).

This year the lot of us decided to participate in this glorious event. All November long we have grown and groomed our beards with bated breath so that we might show the world. Ladies and gentlemen alike patiently grew out our facial locks (we promise we probably didn’t take growth hormones).

You may be asking yourself, “What in the world is Movember?” This movement started with a bet amongst some mates in an Australian pub. Who could grow the baddest ‘stache? They later decided to throw their upper lips into the awareness of men’s health issues like prostate and testicular cancer. Today, almost 1 million men and women are doing their part, and movments have sprouted hair in over a dozen countries. Last year they raised over $126 million in the United States alone.

We rise to a challenge, and love a good bet, so feast your eyes upon our bristles.

But this deal was a no-brainer for us. We’ve each donned a dandy bit of facial hair for Movember. We’re either the hairiest boutique creative agency in Richmond or we’re just another gang of hipsters heading to a My Morning Jacket show. We’ve channeled our inner Jim James, unleashed our Dan Haggerty, and tossed our razors and combs to reveal the Grizzly Adams that lurks in each of us.

Don’t worry, though; December is nigh, and we’ll be digging out our razors for some much-needed grooming.

Have a beard that rivals ours? Although we doubt it, we’d love to see it! Post a link in the comments section below or let us know what you think of our sweet facial scraggles.

Co-Authored by Chris Crews, Illustrations by Jereme Yoho & Alyssa Paulette