The Goal:

Take charge of the coding, design, and launch of the new Snagajob Employer Solutions website.

The Background and benefits of Networking:

Last year, Cara was invited to participate in a panel discussion at The College of William & Mary, Mason School of Business. Also on the panel was Candace Nicolls, Principal Recruiter at Snagajob. After the panel discussion revolving around the use of social media in job hunting, Cara was approached by Candace and asked if Rocket Pop Media was familiar with WordPress. Are we ever! The next day Cara was on the phone with Snag’s Senior VP of Marketing discussing the Employer Solutions portion of their business. Another fine example of the value of networking! Panel participant turned client.

The Challenge:

After a previous agency had fallen through, Snagajob was in a tough spot with their new Employer Solutions website. In the words of Director of Marketing Communication Mike Ward, “We were up against it; limited time, limited resources. We needed someone who could step in right away and take over.”

Our task was to take the existing designs, tweak as necessary, and implement them on a WordPress platform. This was a process Snagajob had been struggling with for quite some time before RPM joined up, so our turnaround times needed to be tight.

The Process:

Snagajob employs a team of content creators who are constantly sharing blog articles, infographics, videos, and more with their job-posters and job-seekers. Our goal with every client is ease-of-use and for Snagajob this meant that content added to one area (say a blog post) would easily display on related pages all across the site. To accomplish this we had to utilize all of WordPress’s capabilities: blog posts, static pages, custom content types, custom database queries and more to provide the robust solution Snagajob needed.  Big props to Rocket Pop team members Alyssa Chang and Kevin Druff for pulling out all the stops.

Snagajob uses their website to help their sales team generate qualified leads. They decided that the pre-built forms weren’t robust enough for their needs, so we designed and built a new lead generation system from the ground up. “We’ve definitely seen the conversion rates of our download forms and lead registration forms improve quite significantly since working with Rocket Pop,” Snagajob Marketing Analyst Katie Moriarty said.

The Pay-0ff:

Snagajob now has a highly functional, independent Employer Solutions website that caters to the needs of their B2B operation. They have seen increases in traffic and lead generation numbers since launching the new site.


Working with Snagajob has been fantastic for both sides. In fact, Mike Ward said, “We were looking for someone on a temporary basis, but the work they provided us was of such a high caliber we wanted to continue working with them.” To which we say the feeling is mutual

“Snagajob has turned out to be one of our favorite Rocket Pop clients…they have a similar company culture, they are super easy to work with and they let us ride the slide anytime we visit their offices” according to our VP, Cara Dickens.

Snagajob was good enough to allow us to create a testimonial video about our work with them. We would very much like to thank Mike and Katie at Snagajob for their kind words –  Check out their testimonial here:

Snagajob Testimonial for Rocket Pop Media from Rocket Pop Media on Vimeo.