I’ve been lucky here at Rocket Pop Media.  I get to dabble in content, get to work with video and images, futz around on the web, I work in a great office full of creative people, and we make a couple of bucks.  One thing in particular gets me really jazzed, though:  I get to give back.  Sometimes it’s something like the River City Give Camp, where we go in and create something over the course of a weekend guerilla-style.  We did that recently and are hoping to launch a new website soon for the Spinal Chord Injury Association of Virginia.  Sometimes I get asked to talk to a business or social group about media and strategy and branding…all of those geeky topics that are so close to my heart.

Well, my family and some good music are pretty close to my heart but people get tired of hearing me talk about that.

One such case in point is the Youth Leadership Forum.  This is a group through the Virginia Board For People With Disabilities that wants to empower young people to develop their leadership skills.  Every year they have a sort of “camp” with workshops, mentors, and presentations for these youngsters to learn and interact.  You may have seen me rolling down Main Street in my chair.  I’m the guy flying by with Iron Maiden blasting from my earbuds.  So when I meet these kids it’s nice to be able to act as a mentor of sorts, give them some tips and pointers, and hopefully help to make them productive young adults.  I’ve been able to do this for the past several years, and I’ll be back again this year.  Teri Barker Morgan is the Program Manager and says, “Our networking and mentorship luncheon focuses on the importance of both seeking out a mentor in a field or area of interest and the importance of networking.  Scott is a great role model with a down to earth approach.”

Hey, I just talk about what I love.

Last year I gave a talk about using social media and how it can impact your chance of getting hired somewhere.  It is called “social” for a reason, but there are some definite dos and don’ts.  As compelling as I can be, nobody really likes to watch me talk for any length of time, so Don Jonathan took it upon himself to do a little animation with some highlights from my talk.  I think he did a great job and it still presents some great information.  Take a look for yourself, and thanks Don Jon.  You can keep the yurt.

Jobs Don’t Like You – Animated Blog from Rocket Pop Media on Vimeo.