Connor the HeroWe meet some pretty awesome people through Rocket Pop Media. Some are drawn in by our connection to small business, and some are through our commitment to things Richmond.  We meet many as clients, and some are simply friends.

We’re super-stoked to be playing a part in an event coming up to support Connor’s Heroes.  The folks at Connor’s Heroes are personal friends, and we’ve reached out to them whenever we’ve been able to help both professionally and personally.  As parents, Cara and I were immediately struck by the incredible stories of the “Heroes” that the group supports.  We’re returning again this year to be on the Host Committee for The Annual Heroes Art Ball.Connor's Heroes Host Committee

Connor’s Heroes is a non-profit that provides assistance to kids and their families.  The children are being treated for cancer at some of the medical facilities around Richmond.  The Heroes do really cool things like Heroes Bags and Backpacks.  It’s kind of a care package for those just arriving at a hospital, full of games, toys, basic necessities, and gift certificates for area restaurants and businesses.  They also decorate some of the treatment rooms to kind of brighten up an otherwise depressing place.

Another cool program is Superheroes and Sidekicks.  If a child has cancer, it has a profound impact on parents, and especially on siblings.  Brothers and sisters may feel neglected, and parents lose track of the day-to-day responsibilities of the family.  This program pairs teens and adults with children to offer support, compassion, or just someone to hang out with.  Who’s going to take Sally to band?  Whose turn is it to pick up Johnny from practice?  Anyone care to take in a ball game?  It helps.

Heroes Art Ball 2012 Invitation The namesake of the whole shebang is, of course, Connor.  He’s the first of the Heroes.  He was diagnosed with a form of cancer at 22 months.  He went through almost 3 years of treatment, and never lost his enthusiasm for life and for being a child.

The Heroes Art Ball is featuring some young artists (who are also living with cancer) who have been matched up with some more seasoned artists.  The Art Ball is a black-tie event where we’ll all get to meet the Hero-Artists (they’re going to be introduced like rock stars), and participate in a silent auction of their works.  Dr. John McCarty, Director of the VCU Massey Cancer Center’s Bone Marrow Transplant Unit is serving as this year’s Honorary Chair, and we’ll get to listen to some tunes by The Venture Rays (We’ve known most of these guys for years.  The Richmond music community is pretty tight-knit.).

Sometimes it’s not about Return on Investment or Search Engine Optimization.  Too often in society we get wrapped around the axle and forget that there are important things going on out there.  Kids with cancer are sick, but they’re still kids.  They still need to have fun.  And sometimes it’s good to give back.