We are proud of Cara Dickens for many reasons.  Maybe it’s because she and Scott make our workday that much better (Sorry if you don’t work here, but it’s true.).  It could also be her contagious laughter or the energy she brings to a room.  Literally!  You should see the way she enters the office sometimes!  We like all those things about her, but on Thursday, March 22, we were especially proud of her.

That night marked the annual National Association of Women Business Owner’s (NAWBO) Enterprising Women of Excellence Awards Dinner.  Wow, that’s as hard to type as it is to read.  Cara is on the Board of Directors for this great organization and the annual dinner was a celebration of entrepreneurial success.   To say that Cara ‘helped’ to plan it would be an understatement.  Working in tandem with many other members, Cara and her NAWBO teammates managed to put together an evening which boasted a wonderful speech from Meg Hirshberg, columnist for Inc. Magazine, author of the newly released book For Better or For Work: A Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs and Their Families and co-owner of  Stonyfield Farms Organic Yogurt.  The event brought together a huge network of both men and women from around the Richmond area, and had a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s up for silent auction.  Several awards were given for new members, outstanding work, and there was a new “Student Entrepreneur” category. We dare you to find an event that rivaled this one!

We were brimming with pride when Cara was announced the 2012 “NAWBO Member of the Year”.  It was hard not to jump on the table with excitement as she took the stage, but we managed to maintain some self-control.

Cara’s involvement with the National Association of Women Business Owners brings pride to the entire Rocket Pop team, but in the bigger picture we were all overwhelmed and inspired by an email received the following day:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for inviting my daughter to the event last night.  She truly enjoyed the experience.  While she enjoyed the dinner, she could not stop talking on the way home last night about the women that were both nominated and that won awards last night.  It really opened her eyes to a world she had not started thinking of at her age.  Of course the category of young ladies that were still in school completely impressed her.  She gets to experience so much in scouting and loves the outdoors and all things environmental, so when they read the accomplishments of the young lady that won in the student category she could barely sit still, she was so excited.  When the ceremony was over and though she was tired, she wanted to talk to this young lady.  So, we did.  My daughter wanted to tell her how exciting what she did for city children was.  The young lady was super nice and was supportive of my daughter’s excitement and told her of some avenues she could check out.  She also told us she wished she had been a scout, that she would have enjoyed it.   This was an experience that we will remember for years.

Glenna S.
(Mother of a Girl Scout)

It is the 100th year Anniversary of the Girl Scouts.  NAWBO  joined forces with the Girl Scouts and several Richmond entrepreneurial scouts attended the event Thursday.  NAWBO believes the Girl Scouts are perfect representatives of the entrepreneurial spirit.  Richmond NAWBO is very excited about its new mentoring partnership with the Girl Scouts whereby members will assist girls with their cookie sale business plans, and in earning their badges for “Business Owner,” “My Portfolio,” and “Making Choices.”  So Thursday evening was a night which marked what both Cara and NAWBO hope to be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

One of the greatest signs of a good boss is their intention and ability to teach and mentor their employees.  Cara has now set the mark even higher.  Through her work with NAWBO she has managed to extend her reach and influence beyond her ten employees, and out to a group of hard-working young girls, all with very promising futures.