There was a very nice article in Work It, Richmond this week on our little shop.  It featured an interview with Scott and Cara, and we thought that they did a great job of summing up our philosophy here at Rocket Pop Media.

The article really captured the energy of our team, and our commitment to our clients.  We don’t spend a lot of time with conference calls and focus groups.  We go out and visit clients, we talk to their customers, and folks come by to visit us.  Some of our visitors are looking for a restaurant, dry-cleaners, or computer repair (the previous incarnation of our building), but that’s another story.

Check out the article.  It’s nice.  And thanks to Matt Deegan and Work It Richmond for sharing it.  In the meantime, the music is playing, the interweb is humming, we’re clearing the table for a client who is stopping by in a few, and we’re pretty sure someone just went the wrong way down Main Street.  It’s 10:38, so Jessica wins today’s office pool.