Facebook made my status “stalker”. YouTube is my guilty pleasure for hilarious voyeurism. I’m still questioning Formspring questions. Google+ seems to be just one more platform in Google’s global domination plan. And Tumblr is overwhelming with its “anything goes” approach.

Don’t get me wrong:  I am a fellow addict. Addicted to all things social for keeping me a part of our global village. I’ve tasted them all, but I find one more than the rest feeding my social sweet tooth- Twitter:  the icing on my cake.

There is something tricky about Twitter, though. People don’t seem to get it right away.  What’s the point?  Who do you talk to?  And for Betty Crocker’s sake: what is a hashtag?

In return, I challenge you: what’s not to get? Okay, so it may seem a bit ambiguous at first when you log in and get an overload of 140 character streams full of @s, #s, and links beginning with ow.ly and bitly. Once you sift through the flour and get to the cake of the conversation, you start to understand the microblogging approach to communication and staying in the know.

Why tweet? It’s fun, pertinent, and local. Sure, you can follow your favorite celebs watching for boffo blunders (sorry, Ashton!), but more importantly Twitter is full of local updates. @Richmonddotcom is always keeping me in the know of the hottest RVA events. @8NEWS gives me the scoop on weather, traffic, and clutch current events. @TheCitySwig enlightens me with the lowdown for happy hour. And there are tons of restaurants hooked on tweeting, eager to share what’s on the stove that evening, and offering dining deals.

Want to know what’s going on in RVA this weekend? Just follow your fave RVA hotspots, media sources, and acquaintances; tweet em with a “What’s shakin’ Saturday night in #RVA;” follow that hashtag, and join the conversation.

Another perk- with Twitter you can comfortably follow peeps that you don’t know.  Save the besties for the Book and keep those questionable comrade candidates to a strictly tweeting relationship. Sure, @JackGoesForth and I aren’t tight in the real world, but he is one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter with his amusingly aggressive approach to stating his mind.

What’s tweet worthy? Once you start following and getting followed back you’ll soon realize there’s no need to be shy. Literally, you can say whatever you please!  Personally I like to send quirky one-liners to my music blogging pal @Spinionette,
banter with resident celebs like Juan Conde (@juanconde8News), and rant about #RVAhipsterproblems.

I am from the generation of Facebookers who remember when you needed .edu to join the world and as a baby boomer in the age of social media I find myself in a love/hate relationship with it, much like my affiliation with cake. I love the taste of
the sugary concoction, but hate the afterthought of it lingering on my waistline. So rather than be burnt by likes, reblogs, hangtimes, and posts, I get my fill from my favorite, and ration the rest. This way, I can have my cake, and eat it too!