It may have seemed like the fuss around Google+ had died down a little.  After their initial launch over the summer, there were rumors abound as to whether Facebookers would jump ship and hop on the Google+ train (we’re in a society that likes to move!).

Apparently Facebook was a little queasy too; they changed their look almost immediately, and then announced that soon, Facebook would have a brand new look with tons of different features (such as Timeline).  But then things cooled.

After their initial bump in numbers, it seemed like maybe Google+ wasn’t being taken to the way people thought it might. That is, until a couple of days ago, when some pretty big news came out…  Google+ is now open for business….for businesses.  This is pretty huge news; your company can now create a profile (called “Google+ Pages”) and if you’re a consumer, you now have a new way to keep up with your favorite companies, brands, teams, bands and more.  Google+ announced that they will be using what they call ‘badges’ to connect people to pages, apparently similar to the “Like” button on Facebook.

But wait!  There’s more!  It was also announced this week by Google that they will be changing the way in which they do analytics.  This is a big big deal folks!  Instead of using the amount of time a user spends at a website to gauge interest, Google will now ‘rate’ businesses based on their content.  The two greatest determining factors of how to grade that content will be upon relativity to the subject and frequency.  So for all of you out there posting information, updates and blogs, you’re about to see some serious spiking in your numbers!

There are still lingering questions about the features Google+ will offer, such as whether multiple administrators will be allowed, how and if YouTube integration will work and whether companies will be able to display their analytics for all to see.  However, we have faith that Google will iron out the details.  In the meantime it’s fun to sit back and watch the ways in which they will take social media innovation to a new level.