Caring Voice Coalition - Testimonial Shoot at The Jefferson

Stories filled with laughter and tears were shared this past weekend as our video production team filmed testimonials of patients for Caring Voice Coalition.

Caring Voice Coalition helps provide resources and funding to under-insured patients with life-threatening chronic diseases and disorders. The filming took place at The Jefferson Hotel where patients were flown in and enjoyed a weekend escape in one of Richmond’s premier hotel destinations.

13 patients shared their experiences of living with their diseases and expressed how Caring Voice Coalition has changed their lives for the better. It was truly an emotional and inspiring experience as we listened to patient after patient praising the support provided by the Caring Voice Coalition.

“When I was diagnosed, I was overwhelmed and lost until I found Caring Voice Coalition”

“The Caring Voice Coalition is like a team of guardian angels.”

“My medical bills became astronomical! I was stressed to learn of my chronic disease and that stress was compounded when I learned that my treatment copays would be thousands of dollars. Caring Voice Coalition helped me cope financially and emotionally.”

The recurring theme of the day was how truly authentic, sincere and caring the Caring Voice team is.

It’s rewarding to work with nonprofits. We’re thrilled to partner with Caring Voice Coalition and honored to have worked with some of their patients and staff in capturing video testimonials.