A first time to visit to the App store can be a bit overwhelming for a new iPad user. There are thousands of apps in the store with new ones being added everyday. You have to take some time to sort through what is offered to find the ones that are pertinent to your needs. Here at Rocket Pop we like a few for organization, entertainment and social media. Here is our top 5 favorite list:


5. GoodReader

  • GoodReader is a great file reader that was the #1 non-Apple app of 2010. It lets you convert documents, movies, maps, pictures and more in a super-clean and easy to use format. It gives you the ability to organize from Dropbox, Box.net, GoogleDocs and other computers. Mashable magazine called it the “Swiss Army Knife” of apps.

4. Roambi

  • Roambi is a great mobile dashboard. It transforms business reports into great interactive graphics. You can import form Microsoft Excel, HTML, Google Docs and a host of others and end up with impromptu presentations that look clean but lively and super professional.

3. Photogene

  • There are thousands of photo apps out there with millions of editing tools. This one allows you to easily manage and edit your photos from your iPad. You can crop, color, frame and add text bubbles and more. It also saves your original photo in case you aren’t pleased with your handiwork.

2. Corkulous

  • This is the refrigerator magnet of the iPad. Corkulous is a virtual cork board that lets you group notes, ideas, photos and more. Apple calls it an “idea board.” Use it as a family message center, lesson planner, study aid, whatever. You can sort and group your ideas and notes and they will always be there for you.

1. Hootsuite

  • This is an essential tool for our business. It is the ultimate social media organizer. If you get tired or the “getting groceries” tweets and status updates every time someone changes their Facebook picture then this app is for you. From Hootsuite you can compose and converse at Twitter and Facebook on the go. You can organize your streams as you see mentions, news feeds, keywords and send or receive messages. You can even schedule things to go out when you want them to. It is a great tool to manage and monitor your social media world.