Three weeks after Google, Inc. launched its networking site Google+, they have gathered over 20 million users. The United States leads traffic with almost 5 1/2 million users while India, Britain, Canada and Germany round out the top 5 users.

Google+ is interesting because the data it obtains about people’s interests could change the way a search engine operates. Google+ makes itself unique by giving users “circles” to filter friends and followers. This would allow users, (or Google for that matter) to target specific groups as they funnel information. With “circles” you can follow people and their posts without them following you and vice versa.

Another differentiating feature is “Hangouts” that allow video chat. The biggest difference between this and Facebook’s Skype Video Chat is that with “Hangouts” you can invite groups of users into the chat. You can observe the chat, interact with the chat without video or use your webcam to be fully involved.

At Rocket Pop Media we are constantly monitoring the growth of social media. Google+ is in its infancy and still evolving with plans for social games and further integration with other Google apps but the implications for branding and marketing are enormous. The targeting potential is exciting and it offers some interesting opportunities for outreach.


Stay tuned to Rocket Pop Media and news of Google+.