What’s the question you’re trying to answer?

Is your brand no longer reflecting your business appropriately? Do you need to revitalize your brand to broaden your appeal and reflect the growth and evolution of your original mission? Is it simply becoming stale in a crowded market?

Many businesses will probably never even consider a rebrand. Their product message is clear and transparent and has a steady reputation and mission to ensure its success. There may be some nostalgic attachment to an original logo.

Some businesses however, may evolve over time and their original “brand look and feel” no longer conveys the message they want customers to understand about what they have to offer. While big brands like Coca Cola and BMW have essentially used the same logo and branding for years, those images and branding have evolved.

In the case of AW Shucks, a local convenience store/gas station/restaurant/carwash, (Yes – they are all those things, and they do them all very well.) their brand has evolved and continues to evolve every day.

Here are just a few of the things that were catalysts in their decision to rebrand:

*  They have evolved and added different aspects to their business over time and are no longer the same store and restaurant they opened as 6 years ago.
*  The look and feel of their physical business campus footprint is growing and changing.
*  Their surrounding communities and business competitors are growing in numbers and diversity.
*  In addition, AW Shucks wanted to bring better awareness to customers of their many offerings – besides gasoline and car washes!

We had worked with some of the friends and associates of the AW Shucks team on previous projects, and they know a bit about what Rocket Pop Media can do to promote a business. They wondered what we could offer to rebrand their business. They looked to us to help formulate a plan to refocus their brand promise and accelerate the growth of their business, while staying true to their original values as “a simple country store” and maintaining their relationship with their original customer base.

So what does rebranding mean? It’s much more than just changing your logo. AW Shucks’ original brand logo wasn’t the only thing that no longer reflected the passion behind their strategic vision. Rebranding is a comprehensive effort that involves strategic and tactical planning and development for the entirety of the business.

So what are the steps in rebranding an already established business?

1:  Identify the need for a rebrand and gain approval from all stakeholders. In our current case study, this decision was made by AW Shucks for the reasons listed previously, before they approached Rocket Pop Media for assistance. Meetings with their team told us a great deal about their evolution, history, and future plans.

2:  Conduct thorough marketing research. This is where Rocket Pop Media did some comprehensive due diligence. We identified AW Shucks’ target audiences including demographics and psychographics. We hosted focus groups and conducted surveys. We reached out to existing customers and potential customers. We wanted to find out what the perception of the existing brand was, and most importantly find out what customers wanted and how this aligned with AW Shucks’ vision. Rocket Pop Media conducted a full SWOT exercise to uncover strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. We like to put opportunities last because they are the true focus of our rebranding strategies.

3:  Determine measurable goals and objectives surrounding a new and revised brand positioning and messaging. For Rocket Pop Media, this was the development of a strategic marketing plan and the tactical decisions on how to roll out the AW Shucks rebrand initiative.

4:  Develop the creative landscape that will position the visual connection to customers of your updated mission. In this stage, the creative design team at Rocket Pop set upon unfolding a look and feel through all creative aspects of signage and collateral.

5:  Unveil a tactical launch of your rebrand. For AW Shucks, the rebranding process continues to have a steady and organized roll-out agenda. This approach is to ensure continuity in all efforts. From the onset of partnering together, Rocket Pop Media became part of the AW Shucks culture. We go there. We have an ongoing series of meetings to determine what’s going on, where things are going, and what seems to be delivering in terms of our efforts. Our goal was to ensure a consistent voice through social media, email newsletters, and all opportunities to connect with old fans and attract potential customers. Our messaging is delivered in their voice, whatever the platform.

Now that their voice has been established, be on the look out for even more exciting things at AW Shucks – including a new outdoor pavilion this spring. Up next in our continued rollout is our logo and signage changes within the store. You should definitely pay AW Shucks a visit and see for yourself. Whether you need to fuel your car or your body, they will take care of you with a friendly smile and great service. There’s even live music and a great beer and wine selection for relaxing with your friends and family. They host events with local breweries, car shows, yard sales, and more.

AW Shucks is a great community member, and Rocket Pop Media is thrilled to partner with them on their rebranding journey.